Directors & Officers

As a director or officer, you make important decisions every day.

What is part and parcel of your daily work, though, could have business and career changing effects should a situation arise and you are found liable.

With the right Directors & Officers (D&O) insurance policy, however, you can make the necessary decisions with more confidence than ever.

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What is Directors & Officers Insurance?


Every decision has positives and negatives.

If you make a judgement which doesn’t quite go to plan and results in a claim, it could result in action taken against not only the business but you personally.

When your decisions could result in bankruptcy, injury or even loss of life, having a strong insurance policy is critical.

The right cover can give you the comfort and peace of mind that you need in the workplace.

What does a Directors & Officers policy protect me from?


We use every ounce of experience we’ve accumulated over the last 40 years to source a policy that suits you. Specific cover depends on the nature of your role, but could include;

  • Cover against claims relating to sickness or injury including manslaughter caused by negligence
  • Cover against claims made against you by employees
  • Defence costs and other financial losses
  • Cover against defamation, pollution and more


In the event of a claim, we’ll support you throughout the process and ensure the situation doesn’t repeat itself.

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Policy benefits

Protect your directors, officers and management team from an array of liability issues

Cover for defence costs, review fees and other financial losses

Protection against claims involving defamation, pollution and health and safety

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