Whether you operate out of a modern office with all the mod-cons or a much older unit that only just keeps up, the building and contents can often be overlooked when it comes to insurance.

While offices seem the same to any onlooker, each office is in fact vastly different to the next.

From the physical equipment to the work it carries out, you’ll need an insurance policy to last if you want to sustain your business.

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What is Office Insurance?


Our Office Insurance looks to provide a protective blanket over your business premises.

Even the type of building can incur risks you may not have thought about.

If it is unsafe or has not had the appropriate health and safety compliance checks and one of your employees becomes injured because of this, you could be liable.

If the same issue causes your workforce to take days off whilst your office is repaired, what about the money you have lost out on?

Office Insurance from Fulwood can help in such situations.

What is included in my Office Insurance policy?


At Fulwood, we endeavour to understand your specific requirements by understanding your business fully.

We’ll have face-to-face meetings to grasp the exact areas requiring protection and the level of cover you’ll need. Your policy could include;

  • Buildings cover
  • Business contents
  • Liability cover
  • Business interruption


Our specialist team strives to give you peace of mind in ensuring your office business is protected the way it should be.

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Policy benefits

Trusted liability cover featuring Public and Employers' liability

Business building and contents cover to protect you from the inside out

Business interruption covering you when things go wrong

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