Liability Risks

Almost every business and organisation legally needs some level of liability coverage.

Assessing which type and which level can be confusing but without it, you could leave yourself open to legal disputes, closure or worse.

There are three primary levels of liability cover Fulwood can source for you; Employers’ Liability, Public Liability and Product Liability.

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What is Employers’ Liability and what does it cover me for?


If you employ paid staff or utilise the help of volunteers, Employers’ Liability is a legal requirement.

Without it, you won’t be able to take on staff and you can be fined heavily for each day you are not properly insured.

Employers’ Liability, or EL, protects you in situations where your employees become injured or their property is damaged whilst under your employment.

Fulwood can see to your specific business needs and ensure that any claim made against you is dealt with succinctly.

What is Public Liability and what does it cover me for?


Whatever type of business you are, there’s a good chance that members of the public will enter your premises at some point. You may also have visitors, inspectors and other officials on site, too.

If there is a safety risk that has not been attended to and an incident occurs, you could be liable.

Like EL, this cover protects you from compensation claims arising from your negligence or error.

With a thorough understanding of your business operation, from buildings and structures to equipment and machinery and more, Fulwood can mitigate your concerns should a situation arise.

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What is Product Liability and what does it cover me for?


If your business supplies products to consumers, you need to ensure they are safe and compliant with the appropriate regulations.

Whether you’re a designer, manufacturer, importer, distributor or wholesaler, you could be liable if an injury occurs due to the product.

Fulwood can source a Product Liability policy for you that protects your business and its assets should an incident occur, covering any legal fees whether the incident was your fault or not.

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Policy benefits

Employers' liability protecting you where claims are made against you by your employees

Public liability covering issues arising from members of the public

Product liability covering claims made against products you manufacture, distribute or service

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